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Includes Postage/Handling

The Making of McCormick by Bobby Edmonds $32.00
Greenwood County Cemetery Records, Volume 1 $32.50
Greenwood County Cemetery Records, Volume II (write for the price)  
Family Bible Records $22.00
Tombstones Inscriptions from Family Graveyards in Greenwood County., by Watsons $10.00
Back issue of GRAB (Genealogical Roots & Branches) from 1994-2002 (Each) $6.75

Recollections and Reminiscences.  A 12-Volume set.
Each book contains stories, letters, recollections
from the Confederate Years through WWII.  Published by SC United Daughters of Confederacy.


*(Special Offer: Purchase Vol. 1-5=20.00 each; Purchase Vol. 5-9=25.00 each; purchase Vol. 10-12=35.00 each  (Write for Postage)


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