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The Many Faces of Slavery by Alexia Helsley

African American Genealogical Research by Begeley, Helsley and Tuttle $6.75
in African Amer. History 1: Stepping Stone to the Supreme Court: Clarendon Co., SC by Hornsby $4.75
Topics in African American History 2: I will not be silent and I will be heard: Martin Luther King, Jr., the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Penn Center, 1964-1967. $4.75
Topics in African American History 3: Whom we would never more see: History and archeology recover the lives and deaths of African American Civil War soldiers on Folly Island, SC $6.75
SC African American Confederate Pensions 1923-1925 $14.75
South Carolina African Americans in the Civil War: two sides to a story $4.75
Selected Civil War Bibliography by Patrick McCawley $3.75
South Carolina’s Antebellum Militia by Michael Stauffer $4.75
Relic of the lost cause: The story of South Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession by Charles Lesser $7.75
Artificial Limbs for Confederate Soldiers by Patrick McCawley $4.75
Guide to Civil War Records: A guide to the records in Archives & History by McCawley $6.75
A Guide to Confederate Monuments in South Carolina by Robert Seigler $17.50
The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly, 1757-1761 by Lipscomb.  Compact Disc $26.75
The Biographical Directory of the SC House of Representatives, Volume V by Alexander Moore $18.00
Indian Treaties.  23.5” x 16.5” Limited Edition Facsimile Portfolio $20.00
Unsung Heroines of the Carolinas Frontier by Alexia Helsley $12.75
Historical Atlas of the Rice Plantations of the ACE River Basin-1860 by Suzanne Linder $88.00
SC in the Mexican War: A History of the Palmetto Regiment of Volunteers, 1846-1917 by Jack Meyer $12.75
SC Highway Historical Marker Guide, 2nd ed. $17.50
A River in Time: The Yadkin-Pee Dee River System by Linder & Johnson $39.95
South Carolina Then and Now by Silverman & Andrews $39.95
The Historical Atlas of the Rice Plantations of Georgetown Co. and Santee River by Linder & Thacker $110.00
South Carolinians in the War for American Independence by Helsley $15.75
Sources for the American Revolution at the SC Dept. of Archives & History by Lesser $3.75
SC Revolutionary War Battles I: The Carolina Lowcountry, 1775-1776/Battle of Fort Moultrie $7.75
Battles, Skirmishes, and Actions of the American Revolution in SC by Lipscomb $4.75
The Formation of Counties in South Carolina by Stauffer $4.75
South Carolina Begins: the Records of a Proprietary Colony 1663-1721 by Lesser $43.00
South Carolina Court Records: An Introduction for Genealogists by Helsley & Stauffer $4.75
Window on the Atlantic: The Rise and Fall of Santa Elena, SC’s Spanish City $6.75


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