Location: Go north of McCormick to Highway 82 toward John de la Howe School.  Go past de la Howe marker, approximately 1 1/2 miles to road S-33-196.  Turn left at S-33-196, then left again at first road.  Cemetery is located approximately 1/2 mile on left of road and surrounded by iron fence.

Lines are from left to right from entrance gate.

Line 1

Grave 1: Peter L. Guillebeau, born June 3, 1812, died Jan. 13, 1891

Grave 2: unmarked (funeral home marker, no markings)

Line 2

Graves 1-7 unmarked (rocks)

Grave 8: L. B. Guillebeau, died Jan. 14, 1885, aged 82 years

Line 3

Grave 1: Andrew Guillebeau, died Jan. 20, 1880, aged 82 years

Grave 2: unmarked

Grave 3: Peter D. Guillebeau, Co. C S.C. Inf., C. S. A.

Grave 4: Andre Guillebeau, died in 1814 aged 75 yrs. Born in France, was one of the first settlers of this country. Was a soldier in the Rev. War and received a wound in the hip.

Grave 5: Mary Guillebeau, died in 1820, aged 75 years She emigrated from France to this country with her husband.

Grave 6: Jane Guillebeau, wife of Peter Guillebeau, died in 1937 aged 65 years

Grave 7: Peter Guillebeau, died December 1844, aged 85 years

Line 4

Grave 1: Miss Susan Guillebeau, died Febr. 6, 1882, aged 75 years

Grave 2: Catharine Guillebeau, died Jan. 10, 1889, aged 74 years


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